Travel Tips: The Palace of Versailles

“From the seat of power to a museum of the history of France.” – The Palace

What was once the royal residence of the King of France, the Palace of Versailles is now a national landmark and heritage site located in the town of Versailles, France. Considered to be one of the most intriguing international tourist destinations, the Palace of Versailles welcomes visitors around the world to view the opulent history of France.

Here are some travel tips to consider when visiting the Palace:

Tickets to Versailles

The Palace of Versailles allows visitors to purchase tickets both online and at the ticket office on the palace grounds. Personally, I prefer to purchase the tickets in advance of my travel so that I am planning my trip efficiently. The official website for the Palace of Versailles offers ticket sales on their website, and explains the different ticket options available for purchase.

Please note, the Palace provides free entry on the first Sunday of every month from November to March. If you are choosing this option, I recommend arriving at the Palace early as the line-up can become quite long.

Pro-tip: If you find yourself caught up in the line, the gift shop does sell wine. And trust me, after waiting in line for over two hours outside, this is probably the best tip in this post. Cheers!


Transportation from Paris to Versailles

There are several transportation options if you are looking to travel from central Paris to Versailles. Travelling by train is the most inexpensive option, costing approximately €7 per person for a round trip. If you are travelling by train, you must board at an RER C station as they are the only ones that offer the line to Versailles Chateau. At the Metro Station, purchase your ticket to Versailles Chateau from the ticket office or at the nearest automatic green machine. Please note that you will receive two tickets, one for the way there and the other for your return trip. Once you arrive at the RER C station, the train to Versailles divides into 3 parts: one to the East of Paris, one to the West of Paris, and one to Versailles Chateau/Rive Gauche. Ensure you are taking the Versailles Chateau Line and enjoy the ride!

Another travel option is to take a cab or an Uber to the Palace of Versailles. A more efficient mode of transportation, I chose to travel by Uber to Versailles. If this is an option you are considering, the cost was not as expensive as you may think. For a one-way Uber from central Paris to Versailles, it cost approximately €35 total. Please note, this cost may vary depending on peak times for the app. Taking a cab will likely be more expensive as well, with average trips from Paris to Versailles costing approximately €50 for a one-way trip.


Inside The Palace

Stepping inside the Palace of Versailles is a like taking a luxurious leap back in time. With walls adorned with gold plating, marble staircases, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the famous gardens, Versailles takes it’s visitors into the wealthy world of King Louis XIV of France.

My personal favourite room, The Hall of Mirrors, is the central gallery of the Palace and is considered one of the most opulent rooms in the entire estate. As mirrors were considered a rare luxury at the time of the Palaces’ conception, the room shows the creative wealth and power of France, and brings a lightness into the palace.


The Gardens

Known as one of the largest gardens to ever be created, The Gardens at Versailles are definitely something to consider visiting. Although I was not able to view the full grandeur of Versailles’ gardens when visiting the palace, they are truly a must-see during the warmer seasons. With meticulously groomed lawns, rows of flowers, one-of-a-kind sculptures, and fountains stretching across approximately 800 hectares of land, the garden is unlike any other in the world.

Have you been to the Palace of Versailles? I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments section below! 

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