Behind The Yellow Door is Oakville’s Newest Salon Concept

Where luxury meets lounge, you’ll find the Yellow Door.

Located in the heart of Oakville’s downtown is Yellow Door Studio, a nail salon and spa that’s pushing the boundaries of typical mani-pedi experiences. With a bright yellow door for an entrance, it’s easy to spot the quaint salon from the sidewalk. Yet, beyond the door, the quaint persona of the studio transitions into a posh spa experience.

With artistic designs shaping this one-of-a-kind salon, a feeling of chic-relaxation takes over the space. Especially, when you realize the salon is centred around a cocktail/espresso bar – just my cup of tea!

A studio striving to find the connection between beauty and wellness, the experiences and services they provide are unlike any other in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Taking the classic pedicure and turning it into a luxury experience is this salon’s specialty. With chairs you would find in a professionally designed living room, and copper bowls underneath, the pedicure experience is completely removed from the typical broken massage chair and stained tub salon. 

Yellow Door Studio brings enjoyment and relaxation back into the nail salon with even the most minute details, including themed music playlists to suit each new day and customer, along with an exclusive salon fragrance made solely for the studio.

The renewed salon experience provided by Yellow Door Studio makes getting your nails done an exciting occasion.

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Have you been to Yellow Door Studio? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! 

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2 thoughts on “Behind The Yellow Door is Oakville’s Newest Salon Concept

  1. So impressive Rachael. Very proud of your accomplishments and more to come. You have been blessed with excellent taste and it is obvious that you have found your niche. All the best with your new adventure.

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