Brunch at The Wolseley

Want to feel like royalty as you sip your morning tea? The Wolseley Cafe should be your next brunch spot!

The Wolseley, located on Piccadilly Street in London, UK, is a dining institution that’s always on my travel itinerary when visiting the city. The cafe occupies an old, renovated bank building that was built in the 1920s as a car showroom for Wolseley IMG_2819Motors. The showroom was later renovated into a Barklay’s Bank location and in 2003 was again renovated into the grand European-style restaurant, The Wolseley. The rich history of the building shines through the restaurant’s aesthetic, displaying dark marble pillars with large chandeliers and vaulted ceilings, making you feel as though you have stepped back into the early 20th century.

When you walk into the beautiful stone building you are immediately greeted by a front desk attendant dressed in professional attire who checks for reservations and available tables. I suggest booking a reservation if you are interested in dining at The Wolseley as it is a popular destination for local Londoners as well as travellers that are familiar with the location.

After checking in, a member of the wait staff escorts you to your table, pulling out your chair and placing your napkin on your lap for dining ease. The atmosphere is lively, but the noise level does remain at a polite and decent tone. The restaurant is very open-concept, yet offers different dining levels and spaces throughout, providing customers with a diverse experience each time they visit.

The centre of the restaurant displays a gorgeous pastry table, showing croissants, buns, and other pastries. My personal favourite brunch order is the Almond Croissant as it is light, fluffy and contains a real almond spread in the middle, making it totally worth the indulgence! The cafe also provides other breakfast dishes including Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast and Granola Bowls.


If you plan on travelling to London, The Wolseley is the best brunch spot to entertain clients, impress friends or treat yourself!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 8.15.41 AM

Have you been to The Wolseley? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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