How to Style Your Home With Books

It’s spring cleaning season; the best time for a clean-out and clean-up! Whether you dread the time consuming task or are looking forward to giving your home a refresh, finding new ways to style your space is a great way to get motivated for the clean.

Right now, I am really enjoying the new rustic-chic style that is becoming increasingly popular in home decor and design. This style presents a clean, comfortable and versatile space that invites relaxation, but looks presentable for entertaining as well. With this style in mind, I have chosen to focus on how using books can bring a sense of cultured design to your home.


Although books are generally meant for reading purposes, they are designed to illustrate a sense of style and presentation that can easily be matched to your interests and the style of your home. Coffee table books are perfect for this as they usually have a hard cover, appearing structured and clean on your table display or a book shelf. In my home, fashion is a popular subject so we have chosen to collect and combine sets of design and fashion books to give our living and family rooms a sense of character!


While simply stacking books is a great way to change up your space, consider adding a home accessory to your collection. This is a great way to balance your books in an upright position or a fun way to bring a personalized sense of style to your display. HomeSense is a great place to find reasonably priced accessories and it’s always my first stop when looking for design knick-knacks.


When considering your book-inspired redesign, don’t forget about your cookbooks as well! If you enjoy cooking or baking, show off your personality by displaying your cookbook collection in your kitchen. Fill empty shelves with stacks of your favourite books or purchase a book holder to place on your counter for easy access to your frequently used recipes.

Finally, coated box-books are a great way to conceal cords that you wouldn’t normally want on display. Simply cut the back of the box out and place its opposite side outward, hiding those frustrating cords.

Instead of breaking the bank trying to refresh your home after your spring clean-out, shop your own shelves or storage bins for old books that suit the design you are hoping to achieve in your new space. Other inexpensive places to search for books are used book stores, garage sales or antique markets.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 8.15.41 AM

Do you have any book design tips that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 





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    1. Thank you, Michelle! Placing the book backwards is definitely a great idea as well. It would provide a more muted look and would be a different kind of style compared to the popular trends!

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