Montréal: Why You Need to Visit BOTA BOTA Spa

Sometimes we all just need to get away.  Whether for a week, a day or only a few hours, one of the best places I like to escape to is the spa!

Chatting over a glass of wine with a friend in Montréal, we decided that we deserved some girl time away from work, school and the stresses of everyday life. So, unsurprisingly, we chose to go to the spa. As a visitor in Montréal, I was not familiar with the well-regarded spas, but my friend sure was…just one of the reasons why I love her! img_0985-e1522273647133.jpg

The next day we hopped in a cab after breakfast and went to Old Port Montréal. I love wandering through Old Port as it has adorable little shops located in beautiful stone buildings, and there is always a new area to explore.

While admiring the scenery from the back seat of our cab, we arrived at our destination; BOTA BOTA.  Looking out to the St. Laurence River, I was surprised to discover that BOTA BOTA Spa is located on a reconverted ferry that floats in the river. Due to it’s location, the spa is a very private, quiet and tranquil space; just what we needed!


With only a few hours to get our relaxing in before hitting the town, we decided to purchase three hours in the Nordic Water Circuit. The circuit provides the full benefits of thermal therapy and the spa explains how the process works in great detail through signs that are displayed on the walls. I was also pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the circuit was only $50 CAD for the entire three hours! With that being said, prices do vary depending on the day and length of your stay.

Through the purchasing of the Nordic Water Circuit, you are provided access to three different stations within the spa: the sauna, cold tub and hot tub. Although the cold tub was not the most pleasant experience, it served for some good laughs and great memories…the things we do for the benefit of our health!

Comfy seating is also included throughout the spa if you are in need of a break from the circuit, which I took advantage of by having a quick nap in one of the chairs. It was wonderful!


The views from BOTA BOTA are absolutely outstanding as well, with floor to ceiling windows allowing you to look out onto the St. Laurence River, the Olympic housing development from 1976, and Old Port. Outdoor balconies also surround the spa, which leaves you admiring the view while sitting in the hot tub or relaxing on a lounge chair. The views from the spa are truly what make BOTA BOTA a unique destination in Montreal.

Nordic Baths are known to have several health benefits. The baths at BOTA BOTA are said to eliminate toxins, restore skin elasticity, improve circulation and reduce stress.

I highly recommend visiting BOTA BOTA if you are in Montréal. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the scenery of Old Port, while also reducing stress and toxins. Moreover, since it’s located in such a great area, you may as well do some shopping and enjoy a glass of wine before heading home! You have to replenish your body with all of the toxins you just released anyway…right?

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 8.15.41 AM

Have you been to BOTA BOTA in Montréal? Let me know about your Montréal spa experience in the comments section below! 


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