SIX Tips for Surviving Winter in Toronto

If you’ve ever walked down a Toronto street in the winter, then you know the sharp feeling of the bitter cold biting your skin. Some days, no matter how bundled we feel leaving our homes, we can’t manage to keep warm after stepping out the door. After experiencing too many city walks without feeling in my legs, I’ve been inspired to share my tips for surviving the winter in the SIX:

Keep Moving.

The winter weather can keep us feeling down, unmotivated, and truth be told, a bit lazy. Staying warm in the winter has a lot to do with remaining active and keeping our energies up. Whether you decide to go to the gym, take a dance class, or walk through a shopping mall, moving will help your body stay warm as temperatures drop.

Use the PATH.

Toronto’s underground city, THE PATH is one of the best kept local secrets. A great place to keep warm while walking to your next Toronto destination, THE PATH has various underground routes to different buildings in the heart of downtown Toronto. Perfect for commuters and tourists alike, taking THE PATH ensures a warmer journey as you make your way around the city.

Dress Appropriately.

Although it’s been said many times before, dressing in layers helps us keep warm as we prepare to brace the winter weather. Some of my favourite winter layers include fuzzy socks, cardigans, and blanket scarfs.

Embrace the warm, hot and SPICY.

The simple habit of embracing spicy foods and hot drinks in the winter will help you remain warm from the inside out. Starting your day off by drinking a hot tea immediately makes your body feel warm ready to hit the icy streets.

Go Outside.

Now, I know this seams counter intuitive, but hear me out. In the winter months as the cold rolls in and we roll inside, our bodies naturally absorb less essential vitamins. This causes our energy levels to decrease and results with us hibernating indoors even more than we would if we had stepped outside for a quick walk. In the winter, try to find ways to motivate yourself to bundle up and head outside to absorb some vitamin D.

And for the days where going outside it absolutely NOT an option, talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin to ensure your vitamin intake remains at a healthy level.

Snuggle Up.

Stay warm this winter by cuddling up with your pets, closest friends, or coziest blankets. Sometimes the best ways to beat the cold are simple.

Wishing you all your warmest winter yet!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 8.15.41 AM


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