5 Best Ways to Start Your Day

Mornings aren’t for everyone, and sometimes they aren’t for anyone. Some days we just aren’t ready for the alarm to go off, no matter how much sleep we get. Although we all have those days, I have found that my morning routine has a massive impact on how the rest of my day goes. This is why I am sharing, what I find to be, the 5 best ways to start your day:

Wake and Rise


Waking up – the best and worst time of the day. Although it’s a great feeling to have a full day ahead of you, you still have to get past the groggy and confused stage before getting excited about anything. To start your day, I suggest taking in the morning sunlight and enjoying an extra minute in bed (because lets be honest, we all stay in bed a little longer than we should) before reaching for your phone. The real world is waiting for you, why rush to it?

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


If you are anything like me, you definitely appreciate your coffee (or tea) in the morning. Drinking coffee after waking up has become part of my morning routine and it is something that I consider a necessity before starting my day. Often, I take this time to relax and prepare myself for the day ahead by making a list of things I hope to accomplish. By the time I am finished drinking my coffee, I have my day all planned out and ready-to-go!

Go For a Walk


I find that going for a walk is one of the best ways for me to clear my head and get a fresh perspective on the day. It’s when I give myself some time to breathe and think before taking on the morning. If you have a dog, this is also the perfect excuse to take them for the walk they deserve, while also acting as a good source of exercise for you. This is one way to feel accomplished before beginning your day!

Eat Breakfast


It’s all about balance…right? Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with a busy schedule, finding the time to eat in the morning can be a challenge. If time permits, eating a balanced breakfast with fruits, protein and carbs is a great way to fuel your body. For those days that you just can’t seem to find enough time, I always try to eat at least something small, usually grabbing a quick banana with peanut butter as I run out the door. But, there’s no shame in dessert (or six macaroons) for breakfast once in a while!

Listen to a Morning Playlist


Music has the unique power to shift my mood immediately. Listening to music can be a great way to start your day and put you in the right mindset to tackle everything you need to get done, making you feel happier and more productive. I suggest finding or creating a playlist with some of your “feel good” songs and jam out while getting ready!

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